Lane Closure Technician (LCT)

Lane Closures

When a work site requires lane closures, a Lane Closure Technician (LCT) is required to redirect the flow of traffic.

Stop N Go Traffic Control implements safety protocols by using our High-Visibility Trucks and Traffic Control Equipment. Our Certified and Trained Traffic Control Personnel will set up the necessary equipment needed on the work site.

Our Lane Closure Technicians execute effective and efficient Traffic Management Plans (TMP). Using proper equipment we protect the safety of our Crew and the Public by directing motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Our LCT’s itemize truck contents prior to each project to ensure that all the necessary equipment required is readily available. One of the most crucial responsibilities for our LCT’s is to produce accurate and timely reporting. This ensures complete ownership of all day-to-day activities. We put priority and emphasis on training all our LCT’s so they can demonstrate strong decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

If you possess a valid Traffic Control Ticket, a valid Drivers License, and have experience as a Traffic Control Person, then contact us today to join our Team and expand your Career.  

Our LCT services are available 24/7, including on an emergency basis. Contact Us today to have our team of experts assist you with your needs.